Trust: A Hard Lesson To Learn

Trust is difficult for everyone, I think. At one point or another in life you'll struggle with it. I've struggled with trusting myself, trusting my gift, and trusting my angels recently. I've been getting upset with the cards that are getting dealt to me. The thoughts in my head have been struggling to be supportive.... Continue Reading →


Simply Amazing.

I am forever surprising myself and forever grateful for my family, both in this life and the next. As I mentioned in my previous post, there's a lot going on in my life currently, leading me to feel very downtrodden. Well I'm sitting here, trying to see what I should do with myself. I'm feeling... Continue Reading →

Deciphering Dreams

We get signs and messages from the spiritual world everyday, we only have to listen. Recently I've received quite a few I find very interesting that I wanted to share with all of you. So here's the story of how 2018 begun with spirit: It all began with a Facebook post. Silly, I know, but... Continue Reading →

2018: The Year of No Resolution

New Year's Resolution: noun (1) an intention set for the upcoming year; (2) a goal set to make someone a better, happier person; (3) a desire to make change in one's current situation I am among the majority of people that do not normally fulfill their resolutions. I'm horrible about setting realistic goals for myself... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Psychic Anxiety

Growing up I hardly ever had serious anxiety. As a child I didn't have issues traveling (other than the occasional car sickness), crippling fears, or mental illness. I was happy and didn't have anything holding me back. That's why it was strange when I got this sudden onset of anxiety when I went away to... Continue Reading →

Divine Ancestry

The common theme through my recent posts has been that I am stressed. I've recently begun to hit a breaking point so to cheer me up my mom came to visit me (I live about an hour and a half away from her). She brought me food, flowers and company while I was home alone.... Continue Reading →

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